Winter Season Boots

Top 3 Warm Boots for the Winter Season


Bear Shoe Works has been in business for over 100 years! Not only do we carry some of the top quality footwear brands out there, but we also offer expert repair.  With the colder temperatures nearly here, it might be tie to repair your favorite winter boots, or time to find a perfect fit with a new pair. Either way the staff will be happy to assist you with our excellent customer service! We will give you our top 3 must have winter boots for the cold season.


Number 1 Winter Boot

Lacrosse Iceman #600008

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The Lacrosse 10″ Iceman boot is ideal for colder weather. It is a multipurpose boot, whether you are shoveling snow from your driveway, operating a machine, or sitting in your deer stand. This boot is guaranteed to keep your feet cozy warm especially with the comfort zone for this boot being -60 to 30ºF. The Lacrosse Iceman is available in store. This boot will make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone because these boots are so versatile. We also have replacement Iceman and Iceking felt and foam liners. You can call us to order the liners, we will be happy to ship them out to you if you cannot make it to our store.


Number 2 Winter boot

Elk Tracker #886

The Elk Tracker 886 is an excellent boot for any one. It features 800 grams of Thinsulate that will provide your feet with warmth in more mild temperatures even more they are 100% percent waterproof! This boot is great for wild game hunting as well, whether you are game stalking or sitting in a stand. It makes a great gift for any hunter. These boots come in a few different styles. The Elk Tracker series from Irish Setter has waterproof boots as well as different gram of Thinsulate boots. At Bear Shoe Works we carry the waterproof Elk Tracker, 600 gram, 800 gram and 1000 gram in store.


Number 3 Winter Boot

The Apha-Burly Pro #376091

This boot features 1600g Thinsulate™ Ultra insulation. The comfort zone ranges from -70 to 30ºF. Therefore, this insulation is ideal for very cold weather conditions. Combined with multiple layers of rubber, moisture wicking and quick drying technology, and a liner design that allows for increased air circulation, this boot is a great and comfortable choice for those who intend on venturing in snowy terrain as they hunt or do other outdoor activities during colder winter days. These boots are definatly a top seller for rubber boots. At Bear Shoe Works we carry a variety of Lacrosse rubber boots in stock. Stop in and check us out!



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