Birkenstock Repair

Birkenstock Repair

Here at Bear Shoe Works, we not only repair work boots, we also repair casual shoes and sandals, including Birkenstock. This brand of footwear has became more popular, creating a higher demand for those who can make a quality repair, and that’s where we come in. Bear Shoe Works keeps up with the changing footwear trends and therefore has the knowledge to make proper repairs. Because of our expert staff and equipment, Bear Shoe Works has the ability to make all kinds of repairs to your favorite pair of shoes. Bringing life back into your worn out Birkenstock is as easy as bringing them into our shop or shipping them to our store! To learn more about shipping your footwear to us and to see our printable  shoe repair form, CLICK HERE.

Seen below are the variety of repairs that can be done to Birkenstock.

There are a variety of ways that Birkenstock can be repaired. One of these repairs are patching. If your Birkenstocks have torn leather, we can patch it. In addition to leather patching, we can also stretch the footwear. This is done by using the “true stretch” method; placing a shoe stretcher in the shoe overnight. This allows for a better fitting shoe and happy feet! Along with patching and stretching, we can also replace the buckles on Birkenstocks.

Birkenstocks can also be resoled. We can replace the bottom with genuine Birkenstock materials. Another common Birkenstock repair is to recraft. Recrafting is replacing the entire footbed cork and sole, basically replacing everything but the leather or upper. This is also done using genuine Birkenstock materials.

Please contact us if you do not see the repair you need done listed. We will be happy to discuss other or alternative repairs. Bear Shoe Works has been repairing and cobbling footwear, leather, canvas and other products for over a century. We are expert cobblers. Feel free to mail us your project if you are not in the area.