5 Reasons to Start Wearing Red Wing Socks

How much attention do you pay to your socks? If you want to protect your feet on the job or out in the cold, you need high-quality socks in addition to having sturdy shoes. Some of the best socks come from Red Wing. Here are 5 reasons why you should start wearing Red Wing socks under your footwear.

1. Merino Wool Offers Superior Warmth

Red Wing’s merino wool socks are some of the warmest socks available. They are made from 80% Merino wool, which is the best material to keep your feet safe from frigid temperatures. The thickness and special material are the perfect foot protection if you work outdoors in a cold climate. When your feet are warm and comfortable, you’ll feel more at ease at work.

2.  Durability Matched by the Red Wing Lifetime Guarantee

Red Wing socks are as indestructible as they get! They come with the Red Wing lifetime guarantee so they’ll withstand just about anything that comes your way. The super durability of these socks means that whether you’re working or wearing them in intense outdoor conditions, they stay strong and supportive.

3.  Fiber Technology That Keeps Your Feet Dry

Some thicker wool socks are warm but they make your feet sweat. You won’t have to worry about that when you’re wearing merino wool socks from Red Wing. Merino wool socks are made from special fibers that pull all the moisture away from your feet. The wool is also naturally absorbent. Your feet stay comfortable and safe no matter how active you are.

4.  Features That Provide Long-Lasting Comfort

You won’t find work socks that are more comfortable than socks from Red Wing. The special blend of wool isn’t just warm—it’s also soft and comfortable. It breathes with you while you’re being active. Between the extra cushioning around your safety toes and the flat-knit toe seam, it’s easy to see that these socks were designed with comfort in mind. And when you’re comfortable on the job, you’re more likely to have a better day at work!

5.  Extra Arch and Ankle Support

The way your feet feel has a huge impact on the way your whole body feels. If your feet are comfortable, you’ll be more comfortable at work! These socks keep working on your longest days by reducing fatigue. This special design promotes circulation in your feet, so you stay healthy. When you’re on your feet all day, you need as much ankle support as possible. You don’t have to rely on your boots alone. Wearing these socks will give you additional arch and ankle support.

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