Bear Shoe’s Mobile Boot Truck

Does your business require employees to have appropriate footwear?  Do they need safety boots, steel toed boots, or other special work wear like flame retardant clothing?  Well, if you’re within our radius of travel in the Superior Wisconsin area, we have something you might be interested in.

Our Boot Truck!

Bear Shoe travels from manufacturing centers, to job sites, and brings a wide selection of footwear and apparel for you right to your door step.  Our boot truck is often on the road to job locations in order to help make sure your employees and coworkers have the appropriate safety boots for their jobs.

Get in touch with us today to talk about bringing our mobile safety boot headquarters to your place of business.  If you’re within our travel radius, we can setup a time to drive over and help with your safety shoe needs!

Boot Truck Mobile Safety and Steel Toed Boots Headquarters

Bear Shoe’s Boot Truck. We’ll come to you!