Bear Shoe Works is now on You Tube!

That’s right. We’re getting our message out across the Internet even more these days.  There are very few specialty work boot shops across the country.  And we know that Bear Shoe, in business since 1912, is a truly unique family owned safety boot shop.

For our first video of 2017 we’re settling in to doing online videos.  Each month we’ll try and share two new updates regarding our latest work boots, safety boots, hunting boots, and more!  With our in house repair center as well, we’ll talk about restoring your favorite pair of boots!

As we started thinking about doing videos we realized there’s a lot more to cover.  And as we grow our video collection, we hope you’ll learn something you never knew about boots that work for you.  Also, we hope you’ll have a little fun with our videos.  So, be sure to subscribe to your YouTube channel, and you’ll know when our latest information comes out.

Thanks for checking in with Bear Shoe, your Safety Boot Heaquarters!