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Since 1912 Bear Shoe has been working with men and women in many U.S. industries.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise when it comes to safety boots, steel toed boots, and work boots in general.  And starting in November of 2016 we’re working to reach out across the country and bring our knowledge to you!  We want to be your safety boot headquarters, and we’ll be working hard to make that happen!

Your online safety boot headquarters

Work Boots, Safety Boots, Steel Toed Boots

Bear Shoe has the right work boots for your job.

For years we’ve been described as the Safety Boot Headquarters in Wisconsin.  We’ve done a lot to earn our reputation.  Top quality service, boot and shoe repair, and working with people from all walks of life, and from all occupations as well.  And now we’re expanding our Internet presence to reach across the USA to provide our expertise to online shoppers throughout the country.

Shopping for footwear isn’t easy.  And purchasing your safety boots online can be even more of a challenge.  But our experienced staff knows work boots, and we understand the jobs you do.  So working with us and ordering your next safety boots on the web is something you can feel confidence in.  If you have questions regarding boot fit, appropriate usage, what types of boots are good for certain jobs, we can help get your questions answered.  You can select your boots online through out store, or you can call us directly and we can answer all of your questions before making a purchase.  And with our return policy, you can be sure we’re going to get you setup with the right set of work boots.

With all that in mind, we know you’ll quickly realize that we are your Safety Boot Headquarters!  Take a look through our website, and feel free to contact us on the phone or online.

What Bear Shoe Offers

We’ve been in business for over a century now.  A family owned and operated business too, in case you were wondering.  While other shops come and go, we’ve stood the test of time because of the level of service we offer.  What will you find when working with Bear Shoe?

  • Safety Boot Experts:  We understand all of the different safety boots out there.  Steel toed boots, composite toes, chemical resistant, heat resistant, flame retardant….we’re familiar with all of the options out there.  And we’re happy to work with you to get the appropriate work footwear.
  • Customer Service:  You can get boots and shoes anywhere these days.  The big online resellers offer some great prices and convinient shipping.  But when you’re spending on your next work boots or shoes, we can actually help you through the selection process.  Our customers come to us not only because we carry some amazing manufacturers’ products, but also because of our customer service and knowledge.
  • Master Boot and Shoe Repair:  Think your work boots have just about reached the end of their lives?  Well, we may just be able to help breath new life into your favorite pair of shoes and boots.  And we can repair a lot more than just your footwear.  Take a read over on our repair page for more information.
  • The Boot Truck:  For years we’ve gone to manufacturing centers in Wisconsin.  Bringing our knowledge and expertise to workers in our area.  We get regular requests to work with customers on the job to help make sure they’ve got the right footwear for the job.  And we’d be happy to work with you as well!

We’re bringing our expertise to you online now.  We recently updated our website, and will continue to grow it through the end of 2016 and into 2017.  Our goal is to build a place where you can find the exact work boots you need, and provide you with a knowledgeable staff that will help you with your final selection.  We know there are bigger online competitors out there, so our goal is to be the best one with an excellent staff and the right selection of products for you.