Footwear Brands and Types at Bear Shoe Works

Bear Shoe Works has a lot of different styles of work boots and footwear. In this article you will learn more about each style that we carry as well as different brands we have in the shop. We will brief you on each style. In a later article we will go into depth about each individual style of footwear.


Non-Safety Toe

We carry a wide selection of non-safety toe boots and shoes in-stock and online. A non safety toe boots is a boot that does not have a “hard toe” in the toe box area. A “hard toe” includes a boots that has a steel, composite, alloy, aluminum or non-metallic toe. Non-safety toe boots are ideal for some occupations that do not require you to have a safety toe. They are also great for doing yard work and walking in the woods. Non safety toe boots are great for hunting, fishing and other recreational activities.

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Safety Toe

We also carry a wide selection of safety toe boots and shoes in-stock and online. A safety toe boot is a boot that has a steel, composite, alloy, aluminum or non-metallic toe. Safety Toe boots are ideal of occupations that require extra safety protection. Be sure to check with the company you work for before buying work boots. Some companies have specific requirements on work boots.

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There are different features that come with each non-safety toe and safety toe boot. Some features include waterproof, non waterproof, insulated, puncture resistant, abrasion resistant, leather only, electrical hazard, metatarsal guard, slip resistant, oil resistant, heat resistant and anti-fatigue. Depending on your occupation the features may vary on what style of boot you want to get.

For example, if you’re on a road construction crew you may want to get a safety toe boot that is just leather only. The majority of road construction crews that purchase boots in the store get all leather boots with a safety toe and a flat bottom sole. This is because most of the road construction crews work in the hot summer heat. An all leather boot will breathe the best and keep your feet from overheating. The flat bottom sole is very comfortable if you are on your feet all day. To check out our selection of flat bottom wedge work boots CLICK HERE.


Bear Shoe Works brings you a large selection of work boots, safety boots, steel toe boots, & casual boots and shoes.  While we’re known for being your Safety Boot Headquarters of Wisconsin and Minnesota, we offer a wide variety of footwear beyond just Steel Toed Boots and Safety shoes.  Come see us for your work boot needs, but also your casual day to day foot wear as well.


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If you have any questions about purchasing footwear please email us or call the shop. 715-718-2212.