Lacrosse Boots sold in Wisconsin

Lacrosse Boot Repair

Here at Bear Shoe Works we’ve been in business for over 100 years.  And over that time a lot has changed.  Today’s work boots, safety boots, and casual footwear are made in a variety of ways not available a century ago.  But here’s what hasn’t changed.  When you have that perfect work boot that fits perfect you want to hang on to it.  And Bear Shoe can help you with your boot repair, shoe repair, and even custom work on your current boots or new ones.

Lacrosse Boots sold in Wisconsin

Lacrosse boot Repair

We have the capability to repair your favorite pair of Lacrosse shoes, boots or waders. We have a lot of requests on the repair side of our shop to fix Lacrosse rubber boots. Sometimes, after a few years the rubber on Lacrosse boots wears thin and needs patching. Not only do we repair them, but we also sell a Lacrosse boot and wader repair kit. If this sounds like your favorite Lacrosse boots or shoes then contact us now!! We are here to help you.

Even if your shoes aren’t a specific “name brand”, we can try to fix them so you can get more miles with them. Whether its stitching, patching or gluing we are here to fix your shoes.  If you’ve got the boots or shoes that you love and don’t want to part with, Bear Shoe can bring them back to life.  These days people think when something is worn out or too old you can just throw it away.  But we want you to know, you can get repair work done on your favorite boots or shoes.  We still know how to repair your footwear.



If you would like to read more on our repair CLICK HERE. The post is a little more in depth on different repairs. If you still have questions after reading the posts, please call us, 715-718-2212 and on of our expert cobblers will be happy to assist you. We are the northland’s shoe repair experts. Check us out on Instagram – Bear Shoe Works for daily updates on new products and repair.