Metatarsal Boots- Enhanced Protection Internal and External MetGuards

Metatarsal Boots at Bear Shoe Works

Bear Shoe Works has a wide selection of metatarsal boots in stock and in our online store. 

Metatarsal boots or metguards are boots that are made of impact resistant plastic. They sit on the outside of the shoe covering the metatarsal area, extending down and resting on the safety toe. This technology protects the top of the foot known as the metatarsal from falling objects by deflecting and dispersing the weight. There are two types of metguard boots; External Metguard and Internal Metguard.

Below are examples of a External and Internal Metguard boots.


Men’s 8″ Domestic Broad Toe MetGuard (External) 505

This boot is an excellent choice for those who work in an environment where there is potential danger of heavy objects causing injury to the foot. In addition to the metguard, the steel safety toe cap also provides extra protection. The pillow cushion insole also adds extra comfort and ease the pressure on the feet during long work days. If you are interested in finding boots that features ultimate safety and comfort, then these boots are an excellent choice for you.

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Style 50504 Flexshield (Internal)

Along with Men’s 8″ Domestic Broad Toe MetGuard, the style 50504 Flexshield boot is another excellent option of metguard boots. The steel toe combined with the metguard offers superior protection.  It also passes the ASTM safety standards for metatarsal impact and compression resistance. Also, these boots feature a steel shank which provides protection against stepping on sharp objects. It even adds more comfort when standing for a long period of time. The slip resistant out-soles of this boot create excellent traction and grip firmly to varied surfaces. In conclusion, if you are searching for a boot with the ability to provide comfort and protection, then this boot is a great choice for you.

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