Minnetonka footwear sold by Bear Shoe Works

Minnetonka Footwear- Sandals, Moccasins, Boots and more!

Some think that Bear Shoe Works only carries boots and shoes that are used for protection, but that is Minnetonka footwear sold by Bear Shoe Works
not the case. We carry a variety of Minnetonka footwear such as sandals, moccasins, and more! These can be found in our shop and in our online store. Their footwear, from moccasins and sandals to moccasin boots, are made using only quality materials such as deerskin and moose hide.  Also, every product is hand crafted by their experts with each detail paying tribute to the tradition footwear.  Accents like fringe, beading, and embroidery result in a style of shoe constructed to stand the test of time.

Not only do we carry these fantastic products, but we also repair them. So if your Minnetonka footwear is in need of repair, you can bring them to our shop or ship them into us. CLICK HERE to learn more about our repairs and to see our printable repair form.

Seen below is a variety Minnetonka footwear that we carry.

Newport Moc – Dusty Brown

This style is Minnetonka’s best-selling Kilty moc, but updated with a sporty twist. It features a fully padded insole and a new Venice rubber sole. This combined with its soft suede exterior and laces provides its users with superior comfort and durability.

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Olympia Boot – Tan

This boot will not only keep your feet warm on cold days, but they will also keep you looking fashionable! Their soft suede upper with a sheepskin and wool blend lining on a sturdy Olympia rubber sole provide superior comfort and warmth.

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Cally – Chocolate

This is also one of Minnetonka’s best-selling women’s slipper. Its classic moccasin look is handmade using soft, supple suede with rawhide lace. It is also pile lined with a thin rubber Cally sole. So, these slippers provide excellent comfort that won’t let you down!

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Classic Fringe Boot #482

This great boot is one of the many styles of moccasin boots by Minnetonka that we carry in our online store. These moccasin boots are a great seller, and it’s easy to see why! The soft sole is crafted from suede, which provides superior comfort. They also feature the classic fringe and rawhide lace. In addition, they are also made from a traditional moccasin design!

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3-Layer Fringe Boot #1632

These 3-layer fringe moccasin boots are a Minnetonka best-seller! The 3 layers of suede fringe wrap all the way around the boot. In addition, they are a mid-calf length. They also feature a padded insole and a thin rubber sole, providing superior comfort to its users!

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The staff at Bear Shoe Works knows safety boots. We’ve been helping people for over a century find the right pair of work boots for the jobs they do. If you’re looking for the perfect boot for your work place and you’ve got questions please feel free to call us (715) 718-2212 or contact us today. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right boot for your needs, and we’ll help you in your selection process.