Since 1915 Berne has been producing quality workwear and apparel for America’s workforce.  Just like Bear Shoe Works, over a century in business.

We’re proud to offer Berne FR (Flame Resistant) workwear to our customers.  Berne apparel is a well known and respected producer of flame resistant workwear that will last.  Berne’s apparel is made right, affordable, and fully functional for your work needs.

All Berne Flame Resistant products are designed using SEFtech fabrics. These fabrics have been carefully treated with a specific combination of chemicals in order to alter the fibers of the fabric so that they self-extinguish almost immediately upon removal of the ignition source. This provides protection against clothing ignition and sustained flame spread.

We currently offer flame resistant work jackets, button down shirts, bibs, carpenter pants, coveralls, overalls, and hoodies.  If you’re looking for a specific set of workwear please let us know and we’ll be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.  If we don’t have an item in stock we can most likely acquire it for you.

Stop in to our shop today to see the Flame Resistant product line and give it a try.  Or for more information about the Flame Resistant products available contact us today and a helpful sales representative will be able to answer all of your questions.



Berne Flame Resistant Workwear

Berne Flame Resistant Bomber Jacket Workwear