Redwing Shoes available at Bear Shoe Works

Red Wing Boots

Red Wing Boots at Bear Shoe Works

Redwing Shoes available at Bear Shoe Works

Bear Shoe Works has been a family owned business for over a century. Bear Shoe Works differs from other stores because of our excellent customer service and quality products. We also offers expert shoe repair, and customization! Stop in to find great quality boots and shoes. We will be happy to assist you. And if you’re visiting our website from outside of our area, be sure to check out what we have to offer. Customers from across the country are welcome, and you’ll find our customer service extends well beyond our physical address.

We have a wide selection of Red Wing Boots and Shoes in our shop. Whether it be safety toe boots, steel toe boots, work boots or just casual footwear, we are your one stop shop in the north land. If you are outside of the Duluth/Superior area we can ship boots right to your home. We have the capability to order footwear and accessories if it is something we do not normally stock; no obligation. We are here to service you and your footwear needs.

Red Wing Puncture Resistant in stock

To check out some of the top Red Wing Boots we have in stock CLICK HERE. This article will talk about the puncture resistant Red Wing boots we carry. Puncture resistant boots are becoming more popular in the workforce industries. Not only do we carry Red Wing boots that are puncture resistant, we also carry Timberland PRO along with many other brands. We will find the right boot or shoe for your needs. The staff at Bear Shoe Works knows safety boots.  We’ve been helping people for over a century find the right pair of work boots for the jobs they do.  If you’re looking for the perfect boot for your work place and you’ve got questions please feel free to call us (715) 718-2212 or contact us today.  Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right boot for your needs, and we’ll help you in your selection process.