Boot repair and Custom Boot Construction in Wisconsin

Repair – Resoling At Bear Shoe Works


At Bear Shoe Works we have expert cobblers on site. One of the most common repairs is resoling. We resole boots and shoes of different varieties. There are a lot of different repairs offered at Bear Shoe Works.  If you are interested in getting your footwear resoled or repaired please contact us or check out our repair page for detailed information.



Resoling is one of the most common repairs that we do at the shop. If your footwear is resolable our expert cobblers on site will resole them. There are many different resoling options when choosing a sole. Some of the option are no limited but include, wedge sole, heeled sole and soles with different traction patterns. Our cobblers will give you their honest and expert opinion on whether or not to resole your footwear.


Below is a video of one of our cobblers resoling some work boots. This video shows the process in which it takes to resole a pair of Red Wing 10877 boots (formally 877) We replaced the sole with the same sole Red Wing has to offer.


If you would like a free estimate on getting your boots or shoes resoled, please call us. Our expert cobblers will be happy to discuss repairs with you. You can also contact us HERE if you would to email us. To check out other articles about different repairs, CLICK HERE.


The staff at Bear Shoe Works knows safety boots. We’ve been helping people for over a century find the right pair of work boots for the jobs they do. If you’re looking for the perfect boot for your work place and you’ve got questions please feel free to call us (715) 718-2212 or contact us today. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right boot for your needs, and we’ll help you in your selection process.