Safetyboot HQs 5 Reasons Why Safety Toes Are A Must for Work Boots



If you’re a bit of a rebel, you may have found yourself wondering why you bother wearing safety toes on the job. Safety toes can be a real nuisance, but they are important. They can protect you from a wide variety of injuries while you’re at work. If you’re not convinced that steel toes or safety toes are important, here are five reasons that may prove you wrong.


1.      Safety Toes Protect Your Feet from Falling or Flying Objects

The most important reasons why you should be wearing safety toes in your work boots is safety. And one of the major ways safety toes keep you safe is by protecting you from dangerous, heavy objects that could fall on your feet. If you aren’t wearing safety toes, these kinds of object could severely injure you. Your toes could end up smashed or chopped off.


2.      You’ll Stay More Comfortable During Your Long Work Days

Safety toes don’t just keep your toes safe. They also keep your feet comfortable during long, hard shifts. When you’re working a long day, your feet are the first thing to wear out. But safety toes offer you the extra support you need to make it through the rest of the in the best physical and mental state possible. You won’t get tired as quickly, which helps keep your spirits up, even when you’re working overtime.


3.      Don’t Worry About Your Toes Getting Cut

Most manual laborers are surrounded by sharp objects on the jobsite. Although some pieces of metal and other sharp objects may be able to slice through regular shoes, they won’t be sharp enough to make it through your steel toes. Safety toes provide an extra layer of protection—almost like a shield—to keep your toes in tip-top shape.


4.      You’ll be Less Likely to Fall Down on the Job

Safety toes give your shoes some extra grip. This is helpful if you work on a slicker surface like pavement. When you’re wearing steel toes, you’ll be less likely to fall down, which means you’ll be less likely to get injured. Workplace falls are one of the most common ways that occupational injuries occur. But with safety toes, you won’t be at as great of a risk for one.


5.      Safety Toes are Required by OSHA

If none of these reasons are enough to convince you, remember this: if you work at a facility that uses PPE, you are required by OSHA to wear safety toes. So, by putting your safety toes in your work boots, you’re making sure that you’re complying with safety regulations. If you don’t follow these rules, you could suffer serious consequences, including losing your job.


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