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Top Repair at Bear Shoe Works

TOP Repair at Bear Shoe Works


Here at Bear Shoe Works we not only have an experienced sales team, but we also have expert cobblers that do shoe repair. Our cobblers can fix more then your favorite shoes or boots, they can fix purses, zippers, belts etc. In this article we will talk about the different repairs and how to get your repairs to us if you are not in the area.


A little about zipper repair

CLICK HERE to view our repair page. We can do a variety of specialty repairs such as zippers. Our expert cobblers can put a new zipper in some purses, boots, ski boots, etc. We also give free estimates on all repairs. If you would like a free estimate on any repair please stop in the shop. If you are unable to make it to our store location please call us or email us. 715-718-2212


Mukluk repair

If you have a favorite pair of Mukluk boots and the sole is wearing down, we are able to fix them! Don’t throw them away, we are usually able to safe them! In order to know for sure if we are able to fix them we would need to look at them. Our shoe repair experts can put a special coating on the bottom of the soles that prevents further wear and is really grippy. You can either stop into our store or mail us your boots if you would like them repaired.


Resoling Work Boots

If you don’t want to “break in” a new pair of work boots we can resole some boots! Check out this video on one our expert cobblers resoling a pair of work boots. If you would like to inquire about resoling please CLICK HERE to contact us.


We do a variety of repair at our shoe store. If you are interested in a specific repair and are unable to make it into our store please check out our REPAIR PAGE.You can also call us at 715-718-2212. If you do not see a repair listed when you visit our repair page, feel free to contact us via email or phone.