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Zipper Repairs

Zipper Repairs!

One of the common repairs at Bear Shoe Works is zipper repairs. Whether the zipper completely failed and needs to be replaced, the slide is broken or putting a zipper into a new pair of boots or shoes. We can do just about any zipper repair on footwear and purses. In order to determine if we can repair, we would like to see the project first. We give FREE estimates on any repair.

Full Zipper Repair

A full zipper repair can vary in price. We determine this by what type of zipper needs to be replaced and what the project may be. For example, if it is a ski boot zipper (one of the more common zippers we repair) we can replace that by taking the zipper out and sewing a new one in. We are able to put a similar zipper in or a heavy zipper in. It is common to put a heavy zipper in for extra durability.  You can check out our price list along with different repairs we do on our REPAIR PAGE. 

Zipper Slide Repair

A slide on a zipper is the pull piece on a zipper, which is a common thing to go on a zipper. For example, on a purse, the slide may separate the zipper making the teeth on the zipper noncollectable. Replacing a slide that may fall of of the track of one side of the zipper can easily be replaced If you have a favorite bag or boots that this is happening to, we would be happy to fix them for you.

Jacket Zippers

New slides in jacket zippers are very common and can be fixed in just about any jacket. If we have to replace the whole zipper in a jacket there are certain materials that we can fix and cannot fix. Our expert repair team can determine this by bringing your jacket into the shop. You can also send us a picture if you are out of the area. CLICK HERE to contact us. Most heavy materials like leather jackets we can replace the zipper in.

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