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Bear Shoe Works has the largest selection of safety toe boots in the northland. We offer over 250 styles of safety toe boots and shoes in store and even more on our online store.

Safety boots are NOT always steel toe. 

Safety toe boots and shoes have different types of toe caps.  Each toe cap has it’s own pluses and minuses, and you should keep that in mind when shopping for a safety boot.  Additionally, not all boots labeled “Safety Boot” have reinforced toe boxes.  Some manufacturers refer to their boots being safety boots for other reasons.

  • Composite– is made of non-metal materials like Kevlar, carbon fiber, plastic, or fiberglass. Some jobs might require you to pass through metal detectors – if that’s you, composite toe boots with non-metal hardware would be ideal.
  • Alloy– are made from lightweight materials like aluminum and titanium. Alloy toes are 30-50% lighter than steel. It’s made a bit thinner, so you get some more room in the toe box.
  • Steel-The toe-box in a steel toe boot is made from heavy duty steel to protect you from crushing and falling objects. You get maximum protection from falling objects and equipment like chainsaws and grinders.
  • Metatarsal Guard– also known as a met guard or imet. These safety boots will protect your foot when something falls on it.  The Metguard is a shield that can be built inside or is built on top of the boot.

Left: IMET Right:External Met

The staff at Bear Shoe Works knows safety boots.  We’ve been helping people for over a century find the right pair of work boots for the jobs they do.  If you’re looking for the perfect boot for your work place and you’ve got questions please feel free to call us (715) 718-2212 or contact us today.  Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right boot for your needs, and we’ll help you in your selection process.

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